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Tifa Lockhart
3 May
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As a child, Tifa was a very lively, happy, and out-going child. However, this changed after her mother died. This is also when she first began spending time with Cloud. She thought she could find her mother if she crossed Mt. Nibel, so she tried, eventually falling from a rickety bridge, resulting in injury. Her father blamed Cloud for this, but from this point is when Cloud and Tifa began their friendship. Before Cloud left to join SOLDIER, the two went to a local date spot and Tifa made him promise to protect her if she was ever in trouble. While he was gone, she constantly checked the newspapers for something to do with Cloud and asked ShinRa personnel if they had ever heard of him.

When Zack and Sephiroth came to Nibelheim Tifa was 15 and working as a tour guide for the SOLDIERs. She was also being trained in martial arts by Zangan. She led them to the Mako reactor in Mt. Nibel. She is unaware Cloud is with them, dropping hints to Zack that she dreamed of a blonde-haired SOLDIER protecting her, obviously referring to her childhood friend. When Sephiroth lost his mind and razed the town, Tifa rushed to the Mako reactor where she found her dead father next to Sephiroth’s Masamune. She took the sword and charged the SOLDIER, quickly being struck down. She is soon after found by Zack, severely injured. Not long after Cloud showed up and carried her aside. After the fight was over, Zangan carried Tifa to Midgar, struggling to keep her alive. She has no recollection of the journey to Midgar.

Sometime after arriving in Midgar, Tifa joined AVALANCHE and became the owner of the bar 7th Heaven. Eventually, she got the chance to meet Cloud again and convince him to help AVALANCHE, not realizing his faulty memories.

On Cloud’s second mission with AVALANCHE, Tifa accompanied them. After being separated from him, Tifa allows herself to be kidnapped by Don Corneo as AVALANCHE believes he is spying on them. Here she meets back up with Cloud and meets Aerith. Here they learn ShinRa is planning to drop the Sector 7 plate on the slums. The three rush back to try and stop this, meeting up with the other AVALANCHE members, but they are unfortunately unsuccessful. After this, the group goes to the ShinRa Headquarters, where they are kidnapped. Sephiroth attacks that night, allowing them to escape. After they head to Kalm, Cloud shares the story of what happened at Nibelheim, which causes Tifa to realize he knows things he shouldn’t and had fabricated other things that didn’t happen. She never says anything, though, second guessing her own recollection of the event. It is also an attempt to protect him.

After much traveling, the group makes it to Nibelheim, finding it rebuilt and full of people who do not remember Cloud or Tifa (later explained by the fact they are actors hired to cover up the Sephiroth incident). The group then travels to the Northern Crater, where they find Sephiroth. Sephiroth shows Cloud the true events of the Nibelheim event, and concerned over what such a revelation could do to Cloud, Tifa begs him to stop. Sephiroth does not, resulting in Cloud handing over the Black Materia. Tifa receives an apology from Cloud as the crater began to shake. Tifa and everyone else but Cloud escapes. Once they reach Junon, Tifa is taken prisoner by ShinRa, along with Barret, and is to be executed as a scapegoat to show the world ShinRa is still in control. Tifa is thrown in a gas chamber, but is saved and escapes when sapphire weapon blows a hole in the wall. She runs out, has a catfight with Scarlet and then leaps to the Highwind below, officially safe from ShinRa. She is then made leader of the party.

Cloud is later found in Mideel, suffering from a Mako overdose. Tifa stays behind to watch after him, while the rest of the party leaves. When they return, Cloud has shown no signs of improvement. Ultimate Weapon then appears, and the Lifestream swallows Mideel, Cloud and Tifa swallowed as well as Tifa tried to push a comatose Cloud to safety.

Winding up inside Cloud’s subconscious, she begins to piece it back together, finally bringing Cloud back to himself. During the impending chaos of ShinRa’s destruction, Cloud dismisses everyone so that they may find a reason to fight, and Tifa remains with Cloud, having nowhere else to go.

In the end, Tifa stays behind to help Cloud as he descends into the Lifestream to fight Sephiroth. Cloud catches her as he returns to his body, and the two remain close to each other thereafter.

After these events transpire, Cloud, Tifa, and Marlene settle down as a family in the newly built town of Edge. While things begin easily enough, eventually Cloud begins to grow distant, putting a strain on the makeshift family. Eventually, Cloud shows up with Denzel, who is welcomed into the family, but Cloud remains distant, causing Tifa much distress. Eventually Cloud leaves, not answering Tifa’s calls to his cellphone.

One day, she takes Marlene to Aerith’s church, discovering Cloud has been living here and hiding his Geostigma from her. Loz shows up, and the two begin a brutal fight. While it first appears Tifa has won, Loz in the end renders Tifa unconscious and kidnaps Marlene. Cloud appears, and then passes out from his Geostigma. The two later wake up back in the apartment above 7th Heaven. After a serious discussion, which results in Tifa basically yelling at Cloud to let people in and stop running away, Tifa convinces Cloud to go find Marlene and Denzel. The next day, Kadaj and his brother have the mind controlled children in the memorial center of Edge. Tifa tries to bring Denzel back to his senses and save him. She is knocked out by Bahamut SIN while protecting Denzel. She quickly wakes back up and aids in the fight against Bahamut. She watches the fight between Cloud and Kadaj/Sephiroth along with the others on the Shara. She then takes Denzel to the church to cure his Geostigma, sharing a smile with Cloud.
Tifa is a very friendly and caring individual, though on the inside she has many doubts and insecurities that she doesn't tend to share with others. She is the backbone for the people in her life, always willing to offer support whether it is kind and with a smile or a bit of tough love. Tifa usually doesn’t resort to said “tough love”, but even her seemingly endless patience has its limits.

Tifa is a strong and independent woman, able to take care of herself and her business without a man. She also manages to take care of several children on her own. She is not afraid to use her strength when she needs to, whether it is to keep the rambunctious patrons of 7th Heaven in line or to protect those she cares about. She also doesn’t mind knocking some sense into the people close to her (Barret especially).

Tifa barely has time for herself, never mind hobbies, as her time is taken up running 7th Heaven, taking orders for Cloud’s delivery service, and taking care of the members of her “family”. She doesn’t mind this though, as it is her personality to take care of others and hardly ever pay attention to her own needs. The one thing she enjoys doing that isn’t necessarily taking care of her business or others is talking with Yuffie. She finds the young ninja great and fun company.

Tifa suffers from many insecurities that she does not plan on ever sharing. Most of these insecurities spawn from Cloud and his distance from the rest of their makeshift family. However, some have dissipated since Cloud returned after the encounter with Kadaj and his brothers. However, it is unlikely there insecurities will ever fully go away as they have been quite constant since the death of her mother when she was eight.
Name: Tifa Lockhart
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Age: 22
Point in time taken from canon: Between Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus.
Height: 5' 6"
Likes: taking care of her loved ones, working, being with friends and family
Dislikes: um... Evil?
Eyes: Mahogany
Hair: Black
Personality: Motherly, friendly, kind
Talents/abilities: martial arts
Love Interest:
Abilities: Materia use and martial arts.

Kidnap? You can try.
Noncon? Hm... discuss and we'll see.
Angst? It will probably happen.
Kill? We'll discuss it ^^
Het, yaoi, yuri? Up for discussion depending on CR ^^
Rating? I see her rating pretty much anything.

Any other notes? Nope.

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