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How's My Driving?

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The Thirteenth Hit

Drawings from Marlene and Denzel... they were what were under that tree for me. I really miss them.

The Twelfth Hit

I suppose this is Christmas? It seems very nice. Happy Christmas to everyone.

Cloud, Aerith, I was wondering if the two of you might like to come over for dinner tonight?

Rinoa, you're welcome to come too. I had a lot of fun shopping with you.

ooc: Tifa's present listCollapse )

The Eleventh Hit

The snow is beautiful. Cloud, I was wondering if you'd like to go for a walk with me. Aerith, you're welcome to come, too.

[Private to Rinoa]
How are you feeling?

I really need to shop for gifts soon. I don't know how I managed to not do that yet.

The Tenth Hit

Well, that was certainly an interesting visitor this morning. I'm apparently supposed to buy a present for someone for this holiday called "Christmas". It sounds nice. Maybe I should buy presents for other people too.

[[Private to Sephiroth]]
If you still want to talk, I think I can manage now.

[[Private to Cloud]]
Cloud, I'm going to talk to Sephiroth. I thought maybe you would prefer to come with me then let me go alone.

The Ninth Hit- [Audio]

[The sound of waves crashing on the shore is heard. The occasional gull cries out, but there isn't much more than the sounds of nature. Then, suddenly, Tifa's voice is heard, cracked and weak.]

[The LP flickers on, first focusing on a hand. It is cut up, looking as though shards of glad have pierced the skin. The LP suddenly flickers more and zooms out. Tifa is lying on the ground, her body covered in deeps cuts and scratches. Her chest isn't moving, indicating she has stopped breathing.

The LP abruptly shuts off.]

[[OOC: She died fighting Jin, which technically hasn't been fully threaded out yet, but I wanted to get this posted before I had to backdate it anymore =\ ]]

The Seventh Hit

I woke up in a new place today. It seems a lot of people did. At any rate, Sakagami Kouya, I'm your new roommate. I look forward to meeting you.

Cloud, I think it's about time we met up and talked, don't you?

The Sixth Hit

I'm thinking of reopening 7th Heaven here. I think it would be nice to have a bar to just relax at around here. I was wondering if anyone else would like that.

The Fifth Hit- [Video]

[Tifa is seen cooking, moving between the stove and the sink. Sitting in a chair not far from her is a fuzzy creature with boxing gloves. The pokemon is bouncing up and down impatiently.]


Don't be so impatient. I'll be done soon.


[Tifa turns sharply, hands on her hips. She gives the primeape a warning look.]

Hush! Or I'm not cooking anymore.

[Primeape stills suddenly, becoming obedient. With a nod and a smile, Tifa turns back to continue cooking. The LP shuts off.]